“Cultivate an environment where collaboration, caring, winning and fun are embraced.”

Core Value #9


Shelly Goldman

President & CEO

Shelly’s unique creative vision is the driving force behind Eyeking.  He furthered his father’s ideology by recruiting and nurturing personnel which continued to shape the corporate culture that defines Eyeking.  Since joining his father in 1985, Shelly has worked incessantly to foster an environment where new and exciting ideas are encouraged and embraced.  “Creating an environment where people feel safe and excited to share ideas increases output exponentially while raising morale. Simply put people love working here.”  In addition he understands how much you can learn from listening.  “I truly enjoy mentoring others, but more importantly, learning from them.”

Although Shelly takes business seriously, he is quick to find the levity in every situation.  His terrific sense of humor and appreciation for laughter has always been an effective business tool. “My advice, if you have a bad day—simply sit down and watch Tommy Boy.”

When asked about his favorite sunglasses, Shelly becomes the quintessential parent responding, “All of them. They are all my children—I love them equally.”


Craig Fels

Chief Operating Officer

Since 2003, Craig has been one of the main reasons the Eyeking business runs so smoothly. His financial, logistic and operational expertise allows him to holistically oversee all aspects of the company. “I love being part of a growth company and such a tremendous team. I’m in a position every day to learn, teach and grow professionally and personally.”

When not busy keeping the Eyeking machine humming you’ll find this self-professed “family man” with his three favorite girls…unless, of course, he’s in a triathlon or on the golf course. Craig will be the one wearing Under Armour Double Down shades and listening to Jay Z and Linkin Park rock “Numb Encore.”


Debra Henderson


While Debra exercises her talents in accounting and finance, it’s her interactions across all departments that make her love working at Eyeking. “This company believes in taking a collaborative approach to everything. I really enjoy helping to guide and learn about all aspects of our business.”

When not working you’ll probably find Debra at the beach. Any beach. “I don’t think I could ever live more than 15 minutes from the ocean.” Her favorite beach is on the Osa peninsula in Costa Rica. Her favorite sunglasses? Under Armour Perfect Storm for everyday, Jaco S blue mirror for beach.