At Eyeking, we don’t just make sunglasses. We build careers. We work hard. We play hard. We’re passionate about success, and we’re passionate about our culture. For over 60 years we’ve developed an environment where respect, creativity, and inspiration meet a desire to have as much fun as possible, including BBQ’s, kickball games, summer Fridays, fun-runs, paddle boarding races, charity bike rides, and more.

Working with amazing people of varying skill sets allows for great mentoring opportunities and the ability to build an exciting career path while learning from the best.

At Eyeking you’re surrounded by spirited, imaginative people and part of a forward-thinking team. With competitive salary and benefits, each position is a real opportunity for motivated people who want to be a key team player in an innovative, growing company.

Core Values

1. Act with integrity at all times.

2. Do the best job you can because it’s important to you.

3. Be humble.

4. Treat your teammates, our customers and vendors as if they are family.

5. At all times maintain a positive approach, especially in the face of adversity.

6. Dream big, be adventurous, creative, passionate and open minded.

7. Constantly look to reinvent, drive change, and adapt to the terrain.

8. Fail fast and recover quickly.

9. Cultivate an environment where collaboration, caring, winning and fun are embraced.

10. You never learn anything from talking; listen carefully.

11. Think before you ask.

12. Say what you mean, mean what you say.

13. Take the time to clarify and make sure you’ve been understood.

14. Make good decisions and act decisively.

15. Do more with less.

16. Remember, the secret to happiness is to derive pleasure from giving.