“We see things differently, and that makes all the difference.”

Shelly Goldman

Welcome to Eyeking

Welcome to Eyeking, where we see things differently.  We are dedicated to offering premium quality products, excellent service, a vision for technology, performance, trend and fashion, all while remaining focused on delivering value. Eyeking LLC represents a passion for a family business that started over 50 years ago.

We make it happen.


Dedicated to design, and driven to innovate, our eyewear roots are woven in both performance and style. It flourishes and is nurtured in a culture that inspires and allows our team to achieve fresh, innovative and stunning results consistently. Eyeking is home to inventive, original and even visionary design.

Design prototyping


Around the globe, we’ve cultivated relationships with formative manufacturing facilities that commit equally to product excellence and social responsibility. From lifestyle and fashion designs to top-performing sports models, our manufacturing team is on the ground floor with our partners around the world, to ensure product quality and social responsibility.



Eyeking has built a distribution infrastructure that ensures everything is where it needs to be when it needs to be – from products to accessories and fixtures. Shipments from our suppliers around the world are seamlessly coordinated to our warehouse or its network of distribution centers. From there shipments can be sent directly to customers or our retails partners keeping timing and cost in mind each step of the way.

Teaming with passion.

“This is a place where everyone cares deeply – not only about making the best products, but about everybody and everything. That may be what I’m most proud of.”