The Opportunity

Partner with Under Armour® Eyewear for your next event. As a leading performance eyewear brand,
UA Eyewear offers on/off course styling with innovative vision-enhancing features…
all at event friendly discount pricing.

Why UA Eyewear?

• Precisely engineered to deliver the ultimate clarity, comfort and protection

• Tuned™ Golf lenses offer contrast enhancement to help from tee to green on the course

• Non slip nose pads ensure a proper fit

Program Details

• 60 units of product minimum

• Product shipped with boxes and a microfiber case*

• Ability to return 25% of the ordered product

• Pre-paid freight

 • Logo program for the microfiber bags

The Team

For more information or to place an order, contact one of our event specialists.


Adam Brim

National Sales Manager

C: 678-634-6264