Welcome to Eyeking Sunglasses,
where we see things differently.

Eyeking LLC is a leading sunglass manufacturer, marketer, designer and distributor of a broad, diverse base of brands and licenses. Our “House of Brands” glasses portfolio appeals to multiple channels, they are designed and marketed to be leaders in their respective categories.

We are dedicated to offering premium quality wholesale sunglasses, with excellent service, a vision for technology, performance, trend and fashion, while focusing on delivering value. Eyeking represents a passion for a family business that started over 60 years ago.

Eyeking continues to raise the bar in both private label eyewear and branded sunglasses. It is our belief that many of our competitors have become complacent and at best, are willing to continue doing business the same old way.

We realize that change is a necessary component to achieving success. We also know that business has many challenges. We are confident that our experience and rich history will assist our current and future retail sunglass partners in overcoming these challenges and bring new levels of satisfaction and profitability.

Eyeking has been instrumental in creating and growing successful sunglass and eyewear product lines in the popular sport, street, surf, polarized and fashion markets. Eyeking uses its signature processes, unique team, proven record for innovation and design to release the right sunglasses at the right time.

Stay tuned, we invite you to be a part of the story, part of our exciting growth as we dedicate ourselves to creating the best sunglasses on the planet and being committed to our loyal partners and customers.